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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Back to Privateers Bounty

This morning, I have been running Privateers Bounty, almost "hands off" with the Battle of Plymouth. I set the Dutch to have a single line formation, and then have been just sailing them back and forth, on opposite tacks, while I did other things. The result, so far, is that the Dutch have 50% left and the English have 4%, with the Vanguard as the only ship left, fighting. At this point, the Vanguard is all but dismasted, although is otherwise still able to fight. The Prosperous of London and the Rainbow are still afloat, but are surrendered.

All that I have done with the Dutch is to keep the line formation, and use destionation points for the formation to control heading. I have been careful to never sail too close to the wind, and keep sailing back and forth, on opposite tacks. That has been sufficient to win, in this scenario. As I write this, the Vanguard is being "written off", gradually, as she accumulates increasing damage, as the remaining Dutch fleet sails past.

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