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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Battle report: the Battle of Portland (again)

I ran a quick Battle of Portland scenario on the simulator. That is a (kind of) nice feature. You can set the speed slide to the right, and the ships will move quickly. If you do that, you must be there, at the controls, all the time. I ran the scenario, again, with the Dutch in a single group, and controlled with the helm, not destination points. I used the same tactics, to sail back and forth, on opposite tacks, and hope for the best. This time, that was a disaster. Probably the biggest thing I did that caused a problem was to "mix it up" with the English. I let the English get in among the Dutch, and hit them with demi-cannon and culverin fire. If I had been content to sail off into the distance, the result would not have been so bad. Instead, "I kept coming back for more", and suffered the consequences. I ended the battle, before the Dutch lost their last ships.

What didn't help the outcome, any, was that I got involved in a duel between the Dutch East Indiaman Vogelstruis and the English 3rd Rate Worcester. I sailed the Vogelstruis in S-turns in front of the Worcester, to try and rake her, repeatedly. While I got engrossed in the duel, the rest of the situation collapsed. When I realized that, I quit the simulation run.

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