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Sunday, April 18, 2004

I have what are essentially action war shots from the Battle of the Kentish Knock

I have some really good photography from the Battle of the Kentish Knock scenario in Privateers Bounty. They remind me of action shots from World War II in the Pacific, from combat photographers. In this case, they are from the First Anglo-Dutch War!

I believe that these pictures will be published on I hope to get a revised site up quite soon. I have sufficient space for higher quality pictures than I can publish from Blogger.

For example, there are two pictures. One shows the large armed merchantman, the London, relatively undamaged, approaching Cornelis Evertsen's ship, the Wapen van Holland, to attack. To the right, is the Warwick, minus formast, and obviously in trouble. The next picture shows the Warwick quickly sinking, with the Hound, a Dutch prize, alongside. The Hound is visibly damaged, but still has all three masts. I would not have thought that this quality of photography possible from a computer screen (admittedly they are not great).

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