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Friday, April 16, 2004

More pictures from Portland and Plymouth

I have more pictures (plus I reduced the others to more manageable size). I ran the Battle of Plymouth scenario, and at the ending point, when the Dutch were sailing off to the East, up the Channel, leaving the English behind, each side was reduced to 86% of their starting size.

Jan Gideonszoon Verhaeff's squadron at Plymouth

Jan Gideonszoon Verhaeff's squadron at Plymouth, shown forming into a rough line (probably inaccurately).

Gideon De Wildt's flagship for the war, the Vrede, shown at Portland

Gideon De Wildt's flagship, the 44-gun Amsterdam ship, the Vrede.

The English charging the Dutch at Plymouth with the Rainbow near the lead

The English in full charge towards the Dutch at Plymouth, with the large ship near the lead being Sir George Ayscue's ship, the Rainbow.

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