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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Fighting First Anglo-Dutch War battles

I believe very much, and this is based on considerable experience with Privateers Bounty, that maneuvering your fleet, as a unit, is very beneficial. In my last run of Battle of Portland, the Dutch had much of the effect of a line formation without actually forming up that way. I also went back to my "old ways", where I emulated 1653 tactics of making "passes" that broke the enemy formation. In this case, the "enemy formation" was pretty much a "blob". Anytime you are organized and fighting a "blob", you can do well. I have stopped using "destination points" (at least largely), and have gone back to maneuvering with the "helm". The problem is that "destination points" don't actually dictate the rudder setting, and can cause ships to head directly into the wind (a very bad thing). When you do "helm" controlling, you can usually avoid this, to your great benefit.

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