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Sunday, April 11, 2004

I have reworked most of the First Anglo-Dutch War scenarios

After I got back from traveling, today, I reworked four scenarios:

  • Battle of Plymouth
  • Battle of the Kentish Knock
  • Battle of Dungeness
  • Battle of Portland (The Three Days Battle)

    The point is to change the position of ships and correct wind direction to better reflect what I now believe to be correct. I have factored in Michael Baumber's and Peter Padfield's analysis of those battles. They largely agree, so I have proceeded with that. Sadly, I am not surprised that Dr. Ballhausen's book has been discredited, yet again.

    I will supply the revised scenarios, upon e-mail request. That is simply because I don't have a good place to make them available through download. I have done some initial playtesting, and am satisfied that they reflect the real-life situation better than what I have previously had.

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