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Saturday, April 24, 2004

The interesting thing about the last simulation run was the Dutch tactics

This last simulator run was significant, in that it was a case where the Dutch were maneuvered back and forth on opposite tacks, heading as close into the wind as possible, without getting caught pointing directly into the wind. That did happen once, but the Dutch quickly recovered, by steering 90 degrees to starboard.

I started the battle with the Dutch in a single group. I maneuvered strictly with destination points. That did not seem to be giving them an edge, so I switched to maneuvering, using the helm. In this case, I challenged the English by sailing through them. I paid close attention to opportunities for raking. For much of the battle, the Dutch had a large group of mobile ships that could sail with all sails set, and sweeping back and forth through the English. In this particular case, the Dutch ended with 1.6:1.0 superiority. It night had not fallen, it could have been a bigger victory, potentially.

Another thing that I could have done is to bring groups of Dutch ships back together quickly, after they had become dispersed. The benefit of that dispersal is that they had a pool of ships that were relatively undamaged, while the English were pretty badly damaged, as a group.

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