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Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Eendracht of 1639

If you are familiar with the First Anglo-Dutch War in the Mediterranean, you might be aware of the Noorderkwartier ship, the Eendracht (Unity or Concord). The Eendracht, at the time of the Battle of the Sound, in 1658, carried 38 guns and had a crew of 125 sailors. During the First Anglo-Dutch War, she had carried as many as 41 guns and had a crew of 140 or so.

The Eendracht as built at Enkhuizen in 1639. Ron van Maanen says that the dimensions were 130-132ft x 32ft x 12ft. The deck height, above the main deck, was 7 feet. If you have read my paper about calculating "lasts" (the Dutch gross tonnage figure from the first part of the century) (LastsCalculated), you will understand my interest in seeing the size of the Eendracht in lasts. Ron van Maanen says that the measurement was 300 lasts. I would disagree with that figure. For example, the flagships Aemelia (57 guns) and Brederode (54-59 guns) were 300 lasts, and they were much larger ships. I would guess that the Eendracht was about 220 lasts. I base that on my calculation: lasts = length x beam x hold / K. In this case, it would 220 lasts = 132 x 32 x 12 / 230.4, which is very plausible.

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