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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I just hung my computer, running Privateers Bounty

I was having a great time, running the Dutch fleet at the Battle of Portland (the scenario). I had the entire fleet as "group 1" (CTRL-1) and had set the formation to "Custom formation", which simply means that the ships are grouped, but not in a line. I maneuvered strictly using the helm. After a short while, I had set the sails to "Full". I sailed the Dutch fleet back and forth, being careful to always turn downwind, except for one time that I had been caught directly into the wind. I quickly recovered and was back to the same tactics.

It seemed like I was not inflicting much damage, although the Victory was totally dismasted. I specifically steered to regain the weather gauge and to sail as far North as possible, to further damage the Victory. As it didn't seem to be having much effect, I headed South. I continued to have the Dutch fleet in something liike a line, except that I never had set that formation. To do so would be contrary to history. There is some reason to believe that the Dutch tried to fight in a line, at Scheveningen, after seeing the English fight at the Gabbard.

The battle seemed to be going really well (97% to 97%) when my machine hung. It was so badly hung that hitting the "windows" key didn't pop me back to windows. I had a small amount of control over the mouse, but not so much that I could do anything. I ended up having to do a hard reboot. I was disappointed, but there was nothing to be done. The basic problem was that I had not rebooted after running the simulator for a number of runs. Even though I am using Windows XP, you must run Privateers Bounty in Win98/ME compatibility mode. Therefore, you have the usual memory leak problems.

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