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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I finally have all the photos posted from last weekend

This morning, on, I posted the rest of the photos from running the Battle of the Kentish Knock scenario in the Privateers Bounty simulator. I thought that they were useful, as they give a good flavor of the experience. As this and other battles were fought as melees, I think that they also give an impression of what the actual battle was like. Admittedly, the land background is not real, but we presently do not have a way to add better landscape 3-D models.

What I would like, would be able to license the technology from (Akella, so we could fix the shortcomings. Greg Costikyan, the big time game developer, thought this would be worthwhile. We could even let them market the product, as a way to make them more open to our desire.

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