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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Putting together fleets for experimenting with Iain Stanford's rules, General-at-Sea is still on my to-do list. My schedule has been hammered by external events for the last three weeks, so that has so far not progressed very far.

The plan is to take my existing ship drawings (sideviews) and reduce them to 1/3200 scale and put three to a game piece, with text on the back. I intend to try a variant suggested by Iain, where the values are calculated from real broadside weights, crew numbers, and burden in tons. We could hope that would give more accurate capabilities than basing the figures on rate and number of guns.

I previously had still been calculating ship values for games based on a modified version proposed by Paul Hague in his book from 1980:

  • Hull damage value = English burden / 3
  • Fire power = broadside weight / 20
  • Boarding value = crew / 4
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