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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

17th Century naval campaign games

I have increasing interest in developing a campaign game system for 17th Century (and early 18th Century) naval wargaming. I have been running simulations of the individual battles, but I increasingly would like to see a connection between them. The most obvious solution would be a "map and miniatures" game, where there are fixed schedules for ships being acquired and discarded. I have also thought that you would need scheduled arrivals and departures for the large merchant convoys. You would need to factor in weather, rolling dice (or some random method) for determining the current weather. That would vary according to the season and location.

The tactical rules would need to be kept simple, either Iain Stanford's General-at-Sea rules or something similar. I am balking at treating ships as groups of two or three, but there are certainly bookkeeping advantagees. The system is also very well thought out and tested. There is an earlier version that can be downloaded, as well. The final version, as published, is available from the Pike and Shot Society.

Meanwhile, I am preparing "wargame pieces" (my solution to building a miniature fleet) for the First Anglo-Dutch War. I have been tweaking my English spreadsheet, writing the text for the backside (I make tents, with a picture on one side and text on the other), and gearing up to do more drawing.

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