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Saturday, May 22, 2004

The noise made at the beginning of an Anglo-Dutch War battle

I was struck, when I reread Frank Fox' description of the sounds that were heard at the beginning of the Four Days Battle (A Distant Storm: the Four Days Battle of 1666). Frank says: "As the range closed crews cheered each other and hurled coarse epithets at the enemy. Above it all the trumpets' fanfares pierced the wind, and kettledrums rumbled and thumped." (page 230)

The sounds would be a good detail to include in any 17th Century naval wargaming computer simulator/game. You really would get a better flavor for what the battles were like.

By the way, Greg Costikyan recommended the Torque engine to me, and I now have it. I also bought it a book called 3D Game Programming All in One, which just happens to use the Torque engine in what it teaches. It also includes an editor and 3D modeling tool (shareware). Meanwhile, I have been working at learning 3D modeling for building 17th Century 3D ship models for use in games. It is really great how many resources are available to someone who wants to learn to do game programming and produce a game/simulation.

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