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Saturday, May 08, 2004

How about a campaign for the First Anglo-Dutch War?

I was reading about campaigns in Privateers Bounty. I don't like how they are done, as they have hard-wired battles. A good campaign should just let battles happen. I understand the limitations of Privateers Bounty, however. That sparked the thought: how about a campaign definition for the First Anglo-Dutch War? (Or how about campaigns for all the 17th Century naval wars?)

For miniatures campaigns, we are probably limited to using Iain Stanford's rules, General-at-Sea. I have experimented with using more detailed rules, and they become unworkable with larger fleets. You have to have the flexibility to have ships be newly built, to work up, and to become available. You need to deal with repairs after battles and storms. You need to allow for ships being wrecked. Also, how about manning?

For campaigns, we would need to supplement Iain's rules to cover such issues. We also to find out month and day for ship completions or hires, although we may be reduced to estimates. That also brings up the issue of time granualarity, and map moves. There are so many aspects to this!

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