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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Computer-aided sailing naval warfare gaming

From the AgeOfSail Yahoo group, I know that there is interest in computer-aided gaming. I have thought that it was good idea for a long time. I just never was ready to do something about it. It seems a natural for sailing naval warfare, since there is typically an unacceptable burden for bookkeeping for fleets larger than just a few ships. On alternative is do what Iain Stanford has done with the General-at-Sea rules, which I had also seen as an alternative. Iain's approach is to use multi-ship stands to reduce the bookkeeping load by a factor of three or four. Another alternative is to use extermely simple rules that risk losing the flavor of sailing naval warfare. Given this, computer-aided gaming that could somehow reduce the bookkeeping burden seems like an attractive alternative.

I am currently heading down the path of a computer simulation approach, with 3D graphics, for sailing ship naval wargaming, so I don't see myself addressing computer-aided sailing naval wargaming,unless there is a way to spin it off of the other effort. Still, it needs doing.

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