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Sunday, May 02, 2004

I need to extract the English ship definitions, as I have added more

Actually, I need to extract the ship definitions as I have added both Dutch and English ships for the Battle of Livorno scenario in Privateers Bounty. I have some Smalltalk classes that use my parsing framework to analyze and parse the "usrships.ini" file and generate a formatted file.

I have just been looking at the "text resource" files. Privateers Bounty is obviously designed for "Internationalization". It looks like there is a numeric code that identifies the country in the "usrships.ini" file, and I didn't realize what I was seeing. "Great Britain" is "0" and "Holland" is "6".

It looks like it should be possible to import 3-D models for land and ships. Having some sort of documentation would be helpful, as figuring out what is in the "text resources" files, and doing detective work, would be very time consuming.

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