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Saturday, May 08, 2004

I'm revising my spreadsheets to calculate General-at-Sea factors

I am revising my comprehensive Dutch warship spreadsheet to calculate Iain Stanford's new General-at-Sea factors (SF: Shooting Factor, BF: Boarding Factor, and DF: Defense Factor). I will need to do the same for the English. I already have Iain's calculate factors for the Dutch and English for the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

I still need to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet for comparable English ship calculations. When I do, I will also calculate the SF/BF/DF factors. The calculations are:

SF = ROUND(Broadside Wt/50, 0)

BF = ROUND(Total crew/100, 0)

DF = ROUND(English burden/200, 0)

English burden = (Length of keel in English feet) x (Beam outside planking in English feet)^2/188

Note that the caret "^" means "raising to the power of".

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