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Sunday, May 16, 2004

I am working on a generic drawing for English 2nd Rates

I have a drawing of an English 2nd Rate that is in the same family as the others that I want to use to miniatures naval wargaming. The drawing is somewhat based on the van de Velde drawings of the James (or Old James). In this group were the [St.] George, [St.] Andrew, James, and Triumph. There were others that were somewhat smaller, such as the Victory, Unicorn, Vanguard, and Rainbow. While my immediate application is for the First Anglo-Dutch War, the survivors soldiered on through the Third Anglo-Dutch War. The last members of the group survived until at least 1688. At that point, the Triumph and Unicorn were sold. The St.George survived until at least 1697 as a hulk.

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